Nightcrawler's Guide To Thai Nightlife

By I.M. Wermes
(Paperback) 320 pages. 1st Edition, 2009

An in-the-trenches guide to Thai nightlife with cautionary text on what foreigners can expect. This book is especially useful for newcomers and the uninitiated, but old hands may pick up a few pointers as well. Nightcrawler's Guide provides a comprehensive overview and insight into the nighttime scene in Thailand. The Guide provides a starter for newcomers to the Land of Smiles and describes the main tourist Entertainment Areas in Bangkok and Pattaya with emphasis on expected rules of engagement for both foreigners and their Thai friends. Coverage ranges from background on Thailand and Thai culture, to essays, short stories, poems, jokes and other information. All stories are based on actual happenings. Also discussed are tips on practical things, references to other resource information and literature, and some thoughts on how Thais view things.

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By I.M. Wermes
(Paperback) 194 pages. 1st Edition, 2010

Perhaps more than 500,000 Thai women are married to foreign men living both in Thailand and in the husband’s country. Most of these marriages happen by chance without much forethought or planning. Often they involve Thai women with minimal educational achievements who work in the entertainment industry that Thailand is so famous for, and with foreign men who have not looked in perhaps the right places. Many of these marriages work out fine, but many do not, or not as well as they could have. This book takes a closer look at how foreign men can more systematically find the right kind of Thai woman for friendship and marriage.

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By I.M. Wermes
(paperback) 114 pp. First Edition, 2014

This book identifies and provides a concise set of rules for foreign men a bout how to deal with issues that often arise between these men and their Thai girlfriends or wives. It would be unusual for virtually any foreign man to meet, date, become engaged to, and to marry a Thai woman without encountering one or more of these issues discussed herein. You can fly blind and hope for the best, or you can prepare yourself for these eventualities. They say luck favors the prepared mind. So read on and prepare, or fasten your seatbelt. Best of luck either way.

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By I.M. Wermes
(paperback) 202 pp. First Edition, 2014

This is Nightcrawler's second story book concerning Thai girls and women. As with the first book, this collection includes a wide range of stories illustrating how many Thai women think and act, especially in their involvements with foreign men (farangs). With many stories, someone was either the perpetrator or recipient of a scam, but not always. With many stories, no one was scammed, and in several stories Thai girls actually got scammed. Yes, it can happen. The main objective of these stories is to help uninitiated farangs better understand how certain segments of Thai culture operates. Having knowledge, wisdom, and a prepared mind are almost always good things to have. Many farang visitors, especially new arrivals are often clueless. But even if you do not intend to visit Thailand or become involved, you can still enjoy the read.

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By By I.M. Wermes
(Paperback) 420 pages. 1st Edition, 2013

There are more ways than one to skin a cat, and likewise a multitude of ways to get skinned with East meets West matchups. This book reveals some of the ways that some Western guys got skinned, but it does not cover all the possibilities. Like Rubik's Cube, there are many more wrong combinations than there are right ones. This book does, however, help you know much more about some combinations that are not so right. So you can either learn as much as you can from the mistakes of others, or you can go it alone and take your chances. As they say, You pays your money and you takes your chances. It is of course up to you.

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